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Week 27

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Sat, 06/04/2019 - 08:26 -- Dave Brown
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Behind the scenes every sports team/league relies on its unpaid volunteers. The Aldershot & District Table Tennis League is blessed with many such individuals with Derek Seager leading the way. Derek has been involved with the league for many years as Chairman and Coaching Officer and has recently been honoured nationally with ‘The Ping Personality of the Year’. He gained his coaching qualifications in the mid 70s. Most teams in the league boast a player who was either coached by Derek as a youngster or still attends the weekly sessions at Collingwood School. In recent years he has assisted with Hampshire and Surrey Youth Games and helped set up the public Ping Parlour at Camberley. He is always available for coaching, particularly in schools.

Recently Farnborough Tennis Club, in their expanded premises, have been supporting the work of the league with their own coaching scheme led by Colin Baggott. Two of his more promising players, Joe Sparkes and Andre Cherciu, have done well in the fourth division this season. Additionally they have been playing in the National Cadet League.

Meanwhile, in the league, a few issues have been decided. In the Third Division Tennis F, Peter Killick, Andy Barnard, Peter Butler and Graham McCulley,  has taken the Championsip and completed a league and cup double. Unfortunately, at the other end of the table, Crawley Ridge B is fated to finish in the bottom two.

In the Fourth Division Crawley Ridge D has statistically confirmed promotion to the Third Division. They are several points ahead of second placed Braybrooke B and will hope to confirm the title in the next couple of weeks. They already have the divisional cup and, by the time this is printed, may well have completed the treble having played Central A in the Handicap Cup Final.

Mentioning Central A brings me to the performance of the week from Fleet A’s Fallon Thompson. She secured a full house against Central A in a 7-3 defeat. Central A comprised  Paul Baker, Julie Lawrence and Peter Millard.