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Week 11

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Mon, 29/02/2016 - 09:47 -- Dave Brown

By coincidence the fixture grid presented matches in all four divisions between top teams. In the First Division Tennis A and Central B shared the points. Tennis’ Rod Kay was the star player on the evening with a full house whilst Martin Townshend and Robin Pretty each won twice for Central. Bentley A closed the gap to the top two with a 9-1 victory over Cody A. Andy Mudie and Micky Lang both won all three with Steve French bagging a brace. Tennis B beat their C team 7-3 with The B team’s Rob Gladstone notching a trio and colleague Paul Myers winning twice as did Paul Shakespeare for the C team.

Fleet A, in the Second Division, demolished leaders Broadmoor A, 8-2. David Joyce won all three for Fleet with team mates Lawrence Dack and Melvyn Lovegrove each winning twice. Bentley B took over at the top with a 7-3 victory at Cody B. Phil Hales picked up a trio with Robin Street winning twice as did Cody’s Dario Cereda. Tennis D beat Frimley B 8-2 with Michael Kwan and Stuart Middlemiss both unbeaten for Tennis. Broadmoor B eased past Tennis E 6-4 with no player unbeaten. Mark Armstrong and Robert Hawes both won twice for Broadmoor with George Carder matching this for Tennis.

In the Third Division Cody C and Tennis F split the points with Cody’s John Harvey winning all three. Peter Killick and Paul Jarvis each won twice for Tennis. Crawley Ridge A beat Ash F 8-2 with Russell Gibbs undefeated. Corin Moore and Ken Thompson supported with a pair apiece but both lost to Ash’s Bob murrell. Ash E beat two-man Frimley D 7-3 with Jo Bartlett winning both her singles. Anthony Connelly won a couple for Frimley.

In the Fourth Division Cody E thrashed Crawley Ridge B 9-1. Kim Phillips and Alan Richards each won all three with Nigel Roberts supporting with a duo. Tennis H beat Ash K by the same score with John Page and Keith Johnson picking up the maximums and Graham Dorey winning twice. Frimley E beat Ash G 7-3 with Bob Murrell winning all the Ash points. Stephen Bridle, Steve Chapman and James Maxwell all won twice for Frimley. Fleet B beat Ash H 8-2 with a full house from Rob Brook and pairs for Roy Chittenden and John Allan. Tennis J beat Ash J 7-3 with Graham Rudd unbeaten for Tennis. Charles Burton won a couple for Tennis with John Hutchinson matching this for Ash. Broadmoor C beat Cody F 9-1 with Gabriel Ailioae and Anthony McDowell both winning all three and Ryan Baldry twice successful.